Meal plans made easy.

Evolution Food Company makes healthy eating easy. Call us when you’re ready to have an award-winning chef prepare and portion your meals. You’ll save time, feel better, and enjoy convenient, fresh, healthy meals whenever you want them. We can answer all of your questions about Evolution Food Co. and we can get you on your way to a new chapter in your life.

Evolution Food Co.’s mission is to make it  easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle through nutritional meal programs.  Most people recognize the importance of meal planning  and preparation but find it too time consuming for their busy lifestyles – now Evolution Food Co. can eliminate that struggle for you and
your family.

Our programs offer you:

  • Healthy, chef-prepared meal plans
  • Lunch and/or dinner programs provided weekly
  • Always fresh and ready for pickup 2x per week
  • Weekly meal programs offer 4 different meals per week per plan.  Separate lunch and dinner menus!