Meal plans for foodies.

Healthy eating without compromising flavor!

Salmon filet seasoned and baked on a cedar plank served with risotto-style asparagus with tomatoes.

Yes, that is on the menu. Evolution Food Company’s meal plans are carefully designed by certified nutrition specialists based on the flexible eating philosophy of a balanced macro regimen. That means meals are not only convenient, they are portion-controlled and macro nutrient balanced with a caloric intake consisting of an average 40/30/30 protein/carbs/fat. A balanced macro diet is effective regimen for muscle growth and fat burning to maintain consistent energy levels.

But it gets better.

Our meal plans are crafted by a 4.5 star culinary team and prepared using only fresh and quality ingredients.  While our nutritionists are focused on the regimen, our culinary team is focused on taste and creativity.

We are committed to deliver:

  • A large and diverse menu; never stagnant,never boring
  • Chef special dishes based around seasonal ingredients

We use selective ingredients to guarantee freshness and flavor. Our elements for your health and palate include:

  • Chef-selected ingredients
  • Locally sourced vegetables, fruit and protein whenever possible
  • Natural chicken
  • Natural beef